There may be many of you who reach this tab looking for something, a little less full on, more bespoke and relevant to your current circumstances. I am outlining some of the additional and typical ‘Advice’ scenarios that I experience requests for, in addition to my full search service. I have also added some approximate costs. The initial call is always free! Ranging from behind the scenes advice and support to full on personal involvement. Don’t hesitate to call me with anything you think I might be able to assist with. See below:

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First phone call

You update me with your situation and describe the issues that you want my help with and I will give you the benefit of what advice I can in the call
Cost: Free

house buying advice

Buying Advice

General and specific advice on your property search including purchase bidding advice
Approx: £100

Buying Negotiation

You have just had your offer on a property rejected or you have found a property and would like me to negotiate with the sellers and bid on your behalf.
Approx: £750

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